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Google Calendar helps to choose the time and place of rendezvous

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10 12, 2016 | 0 comments

Google has improved activity at the same time several of its own services. Such a possibility was obtained thanks to the new functionality. It is based on the use of computerized algorithms, characterized by high intellectuality. Changed a number of online tools – Documents, spreadsheets, Presentations, Drive, Calendar and others. The capabilities of these services has expanded considerably. Increased, and some features of applications for mobile OS Android. Cloud storage Google Drive now operates with the function of Quick Access. It allows you to compile a list of the most popular custom files. The list is displayed in the upper area of the application.

The work is highly intellectual algorithms of the new service lies in the thorough analysis of user actions carried out with the help of Google Drive. In the end, self-learning functionality in a short time interval displays the most relevant documents. For the evaluation of the functionals was carried out pre-testing. According to him, it was confirmed that the use of Quick Access provides a reduction in the period required to search for a file stored in the cloud. The interval decreased by 50%.

Not less popular services Documents and Presentations were integrated Explorer. Its functionality is based on technologies of natural language processing. When working with Documents section Explore displays for the user text and visual content the most relevant content is added to the list of files. In this section, the application will show the relevant files already stored on Disk.

The presentation also touched upon significant changes. Now the user can choose an alternative design for each slide placed in the project. Available list of design options will be displayed near the work area. In the Tables, improved search for the required items, it will be performed using natural language formula will be left in the past. An updated Calendar will help to plan the upcoming meeting. After setting the date with the desired time, the user will receive a recommendation of the service in the required time period. The formation of these proposals are based on data obtained when we consider the schedules of employment of the participants. The rendezvous also will select a new functionality given the geography of the previous meetings.

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