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Hackers inflict damage on the world economy

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10 19, 2016 | 0 comments

The crime rate is increasing not only in the real world, crimes are not, zastrahovany and the world wide Web. Statistics show that hackers cause considerable damage to the world economy. Annual losses reached 400 billion USD. With each goal the number is increasing. If current trends along with the growth rates continue, the results will be disastrous. Current forecasts are disappointing – according to them, in 2020, the global amount of damage will reach over $ 3 trillion USD. These results were obtained by specialists of Microsoft in conducting statistical research.

About the growing problem said Jean bers. He is Deputy head of the legal Department of the company. To what statistics, they were provided at the conference CyberCrimeCon. The annual Congress devoted to the topical issues of cyber security. Mr. bers within his speech noted the growing danger to users of the Network. Annual victims of hackers becomes more than half a billion users. It was considered the results of a special survey. According to them, the actions of cyber criminals caused damage to the 71% of companies that participated in the study.

In the Russian segment of the Web of Affairs is not the best way. Company Group-IB conducted a number of sociological studies. In accordance with II quarter of last year in II quarter of current as a result of attacks by hackers, the Russians have suffered damages in the amount of more than RUB 5.5 bn. A comparative analysis with the previous period statistical studies. The total amount of monetary loss of the population increased by more than 40 percent. Cybercriminals are actively using the malware infecting the mobile device. Special danger vulnerable gadgets operating on Android system. The criminals managed to steal from the Russian users more than 349 million RUB over the study period. After casual users of the increased risk of the banking system, which carried out targeted attacks. If we consider the last year, losses amounted to more than 2.5 bn RUB.

The problem with the spread of malicious applications is their easy installation to the Android platform. Today commonplace can be considered as a Trojan horse virus lurking in the game or popular utility. And the user installs these applications on their own.

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