Contextual advertising - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

Contextual advertising is prevalent on the Internet. This type has particular relevance to the content or context of the web page. This election advertising in action. It appears only when the user request directly associated with it. Therefore, its content is always interesting for users.

Contextual advertising is a response to articulated interests. Thanks invested funds operate more efficiently.

In contextual advertising there are two subspecies:

  • theme;
  • search engine.

The first option is associated with Internet pages through its themes. When a certain topic is suitable to a user request, the advertising becomes more information. This addition to the content pages, which explores the user. Thematic advertising constantly captures his attention. It shows on the site itself, which is subject to ad networks.

The second option is directly linked to the search results. But for efficiency it is important to comply with the terms of the display of search advertising. It must have a specific form of a search query. And this query creates the user. This is the most common phrases and words that act as keys.

When providing a query, the user is presented with not only the search results. He will also see contextual ads, which are the result of advertisers. Ads appear depending on specified keywords. Are they on the page to format the search engines. At Google they are different. But often the most expensive advertising is placed at the top of the search results. Also, the contextual advertising finds its place at the side of the page and the bottom.

Advertising always structured:

  • it starts with a catchy title;
  • opens a pair of text strings;
  • and always has a link to the target page.

Contextual advertising is highly effective. It is informative as well, so don’t bother users. The visitor simply enters its respective interests of the announcement. He does not spend on search time among a variety of sites. Therefore, it needs to receive instant gratification.

This type of advertising is available for a modest budget campaigns. It is much cheaper than offline varieties of advertising and sometimes more effective.