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Аdwords is a contextual advertising service, which is offered by Google. Contextual advertising is unobtrusive and displayed depending on the search query. It is also subject to the meaning of a particular web page. The content of such advertising is directly connected with the interests of the user.

Google has offered its services to display advertisements on the Internet. This kind of advertising helps to attract customers and increase sales. You can determine where it will be shown, to measure the effectiveness of their ads. Site owners can allocate the advertising budget. There is no limit for minimal costs. The ads can be stopped at any time. Like to restore it.

Аdwords refers to users through key words. When searching declared phrases or words that appear in the corresponding web page. Ads can appear on Google and its partner sites.

This service is fairly easy to use. There are a lot of additional features and settings. The ads can be adjusted convenient way. You can configure the location of the advertisement in the regional range. Thus, to work with customers interested in your business.

Display network Аdwords very large. Only in the USA it takes 80% of Internet users.

How to work with Аdwords?

In the service of advertising, you must adhere to the structure of the advertising account. Each product or website needs advertising company. It is useful to create multiple ad groups — this contributes to the effectiveness of the site.

For an advertising company important show search partners. This search system, running the same search algorithms of Google. So they show the same results. We search partners is a large audience of users. They must be connected to the advertising company.

keywords play a very important role in contextual advertising. The effect of the company will be when the keywords will be regularly updated. There are three options match the query:

1. A wide. One of the keywords matches the user query.

2. Phrasal. Key phrase similar to the user’s request.

3. Broad-based sessions. Are queries that are relevant keyword advertising company.

keywords must be cleaned regularly and filter.