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Direct is a service of contextual advertising, which is offered by the company Yandex. This search engine is very popular. By using the service, you can make the site better.

Advertising Direct allow you to work directly with the target audience. With such a advertising, you can designate who is a potential customer site. Ads are completely respond to the search request of the buyer. Accordingly, the organization is more likely to promote successful business.

How does Yandex Direct?

the Essence of this service is simple. Advertisers advertise their services and products online. They will be placed in the search engine and on the websites of its partners.

contextual advertising Messages are on the page of search queries. They are highlighted in yellow blocks. But sometimes the ads take a different form. This often occurs when the system is testing different forms of display ads.

Contextual advertising is placed under the search bar at the top of the page. Also it is located at the bottom of the page. The Direct service always places the ads above or below the natural search results.

Partner sites Yandex also place contextual advertising. On their resources she may have a different view, according to the design. These web pages are always indicate that it is advertising.

a Properly configured the advertising company is significantly lower in price. The cost of a place in a special unit depends on the fidelity settings. Also, the price effect of competition and the specific activities of the organization.

Common errors in working with Direct service

there Are times when the search results do not meet the user’s requests. This error is not in contextual advertising and settings advertisers. To them there must be configured correctly for an advertising company.

the Main error — a lack of keywords. The keywords should be made as widely as possible. If the word is spelled differently, ways must be locked in the key words.

you Must specify negative keywords. They are a filter for contextual advertising. Without them, the search will give everything.

you Must also correctly configure the geographical and temporal targeting. The header must match user queries. It is useful to set the counter metrics. It shows statistics of clicks and gives you the ability to monitor the budget.