Blogging - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

a Blog is a web site that regularly added notes and records. They can contain media or different images. This modern version of the event log or diary on the Internet.

Keep the blog interesting and useful. It promotes self-realization and additional earnings. It’s a good kind of hobby, a blog helps to escape from difficulties and problems.

in order to activate the newly created blog, you need to add the first message. New entry and the next will be posted on the blog page. Notes users will see their friends and visitors of the portal’s home page.

running a blog is via personal Cabinet. Under each entry that is placed in the tab “Blog” is a function of editing. With its help you can make the desired changes in the text. All necessary changes are made in an extra window. After this entry published in a modified form.

Deleting accounts is done the same way. You should only press the button “Delete”button next to the note. In order to run this action, you should confirm your desire. After this, the entry will disappear from the blog.

a Blog can be filled with various quotes, video files, images, and hyperlinks. To work with these files there is a special button. They are located in the menu next to the box to enter text.

the First pair of buttons designed to work with documents from the Internet. Clicking on them opens a window, where to insert Internet resource or a hyperlink.

the Next couple of buttons helps you work with files from the computer. From your desktop you can transfer various video files and images. The process is similar: in the window that appears, specify the location of the corresponding file.

the Last button allows you to draw text in the form of quotes. The steps are: click on the insert text button is pressed again. After this quotation, the text will be marked initially and finally.

to create a blog, you need to register at the appropriate portal. In subsequent visits to go to the portal with your username and password. When everything is done, the user is granted a personal account. In it, he can organize your blog as you wish.

in Addition, the user can leave comments on other blogs. The blog owner may prohibit the comments to your entries.