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Corporate Twitter — it is not uncommon, and the need of time. Today more and more people are registered in social networks. Therefore, many companies tend to follow their customers.

the Concept of “enterprise Twitter” is the official page of the company or institution. It is conducted on behalf of the organization. It introduces the target audience with their services or products. Twitter defining the target audience is organized not by the owner of the page. It makes itself the audience, so it is important that the page was interesting.

the Essence of doing Twitter — this writing the tweets. They are small messages, up to 150 characters. All publications form a ribbon tweets.

Doing Twitter can be carried out for different purposes. Chief among them — personal advance. Using Twitter you can better communicate with your target audience. It can be both current and potential customers. The social network provides a platform for discussion. Here you can learn public opinion and take it into account.

Moderation Twitter allows you to follow the news. We need only to subscribe to the websites of other companies. This gives the opportunity to control the situation in its market segment. This makes it easy to make the right decisions.

Twitter helps to maintain relationships with colleagues. Ideas are published in the form of tweets. The employees get an opportunity to discuss them and adjust. Colleagues will be able to evaluate plans of the company with fresh eyes. With the same purpose are written and events from the life of the organization. Notification of the dynamics of the events has a positive impact on the company’s reputation. Subscribers see that it is not static, but constantly evolving.

Another goal of doing Twitter — the wooing potential clients. Social networking millions of people; interested persons can look a lot. This goal implies the search for new employees. In recent times this trend is particularly relevant.

Initially, Twitter was created as an active user of the network. Certain circles of the users here are in constant communication. To find active employees, business partners, loyal customers and responsible employers easily.

To the page of Twitter was interesting it need to be active. You need to regularly update it with new tweets, original and useful.