News writing - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

the news Writing has its own characteristics. In order for users to interpret information completely, you need to eliminate errors. News should be of interest to customers. That information was read, it must be provided in the template structure. It consists of logical inference and benefits at the end of the text. The reader misses the essence, information is not fixed in his memory.

To erroneous include news, written without news about. They are watery texts. Also not correct in the news praising the merits of the company. News should be useful for the consumer. Only then will they be able to perform the function of supporting a sales tool.

news should be structured. Often the creators of the text have resorted to the principle of an inverted pyramid. Its essence lies in the fact that the reader received basic information. For this purpose it is not necessary to read to the end.

Great value given the lead or introductory offer. The lead tells about the essence of the news by using one or two sentences. It does not contain the primary benefit to the consumer and more. There is no abstract beginning, and there brevity and concreteness. The lead should entice the reader to learn the details of the news.

When the essence of news is worded correctly, to make the header is not difficult. Headers can be composed in different ways. They may contain information about the main benefits, pointing to the value of news. These headers used in cases when there is no news about it. For example, for advertisement promotions.

In the headers are not rarely used special words. They focus on something new. For example:


- New;

- Innovative;

- Now;

- Free and other.

the Header can have a classic look, telling about the essence of the news. There are varieties of titles full of intrigue. In them nedogovarivaut the essence of the news, so they are ambiguous. Headlines often use the yellow press.

the Main part of the text should be in the middle of thousands of characters. In the body of the article should avoid watery text. You should fill the news facts, figures, quotes and benefits for the reader. It is useful to place the image.

the news Itself does not sell. But it should interest the visitor to go on the selling page. The news should intrigue and provoke curiosity to explore the website further.