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the Concept of PR or Public Relations means “public relations”. Its essence is in the process of creating a certain public image. The purpose for forming the image can be any. For example, services, goods, persons or company, other.

PR (branding) lyrics are the tool, forming a specific image among the readers. Often creating an image of tests based on the necessity of a positive image. Emphasize traits such as quality, simplicity, stability or reliability. Sometimes there is a “black PR”when the emphasis is on the negative image.

high-Quality image material must not contain direct advertising. He does not call to buy and nothing to sell to people.

To PR text was successful, you must adhere to certain conditions. The main criterion of quality — literate language. Information must be perceived by the target audience easily. It is therefore very important to clearly define the readership. If the texts for diverse audiences, excluded complex terms, confusing phrases. Focused image material must be different specialized style. Quality PR texts should not be complicated or too simple.

Image texts should not be promotional in nature. They should not be present advertising stamps. It is important that information was relevant for the casual reader. So he could trust the text material. Therefore, the information in the PR texts must be proven and reliable.

PR texts are classified into several types.

1. Press releases. They have a positive effect on the formation of a certain image of the company, offer services or products.

2. An interview is not the kind of image texts. Using the interview can focus on the easy list of questions. Unnecessary topics can be omitted.

3. Image texts describe socially important problems. Report of interest to readers of the events.

4. The biography focuses on creating a positive image of a particular person. For example, politician, actor, athlete, etc.

5. Analytical text. It can only contain interesting and useful information. At the end of the article is the signature of the examiner. The more interesting an article, the better will be the impression of the company to the reader.