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a Press release is an introductory article. Often it is created for the press, but not for publication. The material is focused on journalists. The goal of the press release — be interested in the filed of information, who with her readers. Basically, these texts are written for events. It can be exhibitions, meetings, conferences, etc.

Press release contains concise, yet comprehensive information. It refers to news about, therefore, contains only facts. The material is created in a simple, neat, business-like style. The elements of artistic or conversational style are excluded. Unacceptable figurative comparisons, assumptions and reasoning. As well as the presence of hints, distorted facts and ambiguity. In light of the theme author should avoid displays of personal relationships.

Press release cannot be called a finished article. Rather, it is a base for her writing. The emphasis in the press release affects the writing journalistic texts.

There are three types of press releases.

1. Announcement. His goal — to inform about the upcoming event. The presence of the press at the event will be provided, if requested to send the announcement.

2. Press release news. It contains information about the event or the event that has already happened. Do not rarely this article contains comments of the participants of the event.

3. Press release information. Informs about the current event.

How to write a press release?

the Success of introductory articles depends on its header. It should be short and specific. It must be transferred to the main idea of the article. It is important that it was interesting to the reader and immediately memorable. But the title should not be promotional in nature.

First paragraph after the title of the press release is called the lead. It should consist of one sentence that captures the essence of the article. Lead reports basic information about the event:

- participants;

the theme of the event;

the time and venue;

- reason.

the Lead and the title plays a major role in the success of a press release. They reflect the value of further information.

In the main part is supplied accurate and meaningful information. She answers all questions about news or events.

the size of the paper should not exceed more than two pages. It should apply to only one news or events. At the end of served contacts and messages about business proposals.