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in order to have people to the site, it is necessary to add reviews. With their help you can attract like-minded and interested visitors. Consumers tend to trust the opinion of other people. The level of performance reviews is neither one landing page.

the Customer is always interested in comments from other users before making a purchase. In his choice he is often based on the opinion of other buyers.

in Addition, feedback can shape the discussion. When opinions about a product or service are separated, it generates interest. Constructive reviews, with the initiation of dialogue, stimulate the activity of consumers. Discussions can be held on the forums, portals, blogs, social networks.

People doveritelnoe refer to reviews than in the main text. Therefore, feedback should be interesting. They are a powerful marketing tool and a lever.

How to write reviews?

the Page with the feedback you need to make carefully. From time to time it is necessary to dilute its real comments.

People tend to judge other people on an intuitive level. When a lot of artificially generated reviews, it catches the eye.

each review should be the goal. Aimless text will not encourage further action. The user simply did not perceive.

a Review should be written in the language of the target audience. When the message is written in a generalized way, it causes distrust.

avoid generic texts for each audience requires a different style. For example, the common people will not like stationery cliche, and Vice versa. The review should provide the reader with information in an understandable language. Errors, the presence of emoticons, slang is only for the benefit. Naturalness is very important in this matter.

People leave feedback on the basis of a certain motif. So write comments should be such that this motif was evident. It can be emotions, positive or negative. There are users with the desire for self-expression.

very Often they want to share their knowledge, give advice. Sometimes the motive, when, after a review I want to answer the question. The last group stimulates the discussion.

the text of the feedback should be specific, naturalness and sincerity. These factors affect the credibility of the review. They form the trust and interest of buyers.