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Test rewritten in your own words from another source, called rewriting. This is a good opportunity to create a unique material, based on high-quality articles. Rewriting protects against allegations of copyright infringement. His goal — change the text lexically, but the essence is to keep the same.

frequently resort to rewriting, to make information easier to understand. In particular, this applies to articles with narrow specialization.

the Transformed text is called a rewrite. A person who is engaged in such a modification, — bereiter. And rewriting — it is a process of transformation of the finished article in a unique text.

From copywriting rewriting is writing unique text, based on the finished article. There is such a thing as a deep rewrite. It is not just replacing words with synonyms. This transformation of meaning units, pererabotki and even style. This article completely rewritten in your own words.

rewriting Technique

rewriting is cherished rule — to work with multiple texts. When information comes from multiple sources, a new article will be unique. Also this feature affects the informativeness of the text.

There are three steps, which uses the technique of rewriting.

1. Replacing words with synonyms or shallow rewriting. This technique is also called synonymscia. Its essence — the selection of synonyms to a greater number of words in the source text.

2. You can modify sentences, paragraphs, and a sequence of words. This technique is a classic rewriting. With its help the article get really interesting and unique. Itself the essence of the original article remains the same.

3. The text can be paraphrased, keeping the main idea of the article. This technique is based on the statement. First reruiter carefully studying the original article. He then rewriting it in your own words.

Basic tools of rewriting

in order to do rewriting, you must have a good vocabulary. This is important, because of unique texts required synonymous with the series. The use of synonyms is the main tool of this technique of writing articles.

Reruiter should be able to replace the direct speech to indirect. To filter the text, making it easier or complementing your own words. To change the grammatical structure of sentences and move the paragraphs.