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the Page with text about the services is very important for a successful business website. Creating it is quite complex. The text about the services — the starting point for the solution to work with the company. Than the more tempting it is, the less chance the competitors.

the Design of this page may be different.

1. Single page hosting services.

2. Services section with links to a landing page. Each service has one page.

3. The list of services hosted on the main page. There are also links.

Text about the services can have different size. All depends on the number of offers. On this basis, will be formed this page. But it must be structural elements. They affect the success of the company and increased demand.

the page with text about the service should be a specific goal. It is important to understand that it offers or sells. Here you should not place a lot of information not on the topic. It makes no sense to repeat information about the benefits of the company or its achievements. All company information the reader can gain from the home page. Text services — this practical information with concrete proposals.

Page list of services easier to work if there is sorting. Presentation services can be split by type, price or complexity. Sometimes it seems the gradation of the target audience. For example, for beginners or experts.

a Concerned customer will want to study the price list or to find contacts firms. Therefore, it is useful to put in the right places prominent calls to action.

All points thought out in advance, after which the text is created for services. The diagram on this page should be structured. Each service must have a clear title. Followed by a brief description.

the response may consist of two or three sentences. After that, for services provided deep decoding. It is important to describe the benefits to the customer to use the service. Must have reliable facts, evidence, statistical calculations and numbers. These text elements are called “hot spots”. It also includes testimonials, guarantees, letters of recommendation, promotions, discounts. You can place a photo report before and after services. The text should end with a call to action.

Text services is a full-fledged marketing page with their secrets.