The text for the main page - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

Detailed information about the company is placed on a separate page. The home page plays the role of an advertising nature. Therefore, the text for the main page should be specific. The visitor should understand that he will be able to get.

Test the main page should be concise, but useful. It is intended to be of interest to the user within the first seconds of being on the website. An important function in this case performs the title. If a company has an advertising slogan, it should serve as a header. The slogan and the introduction to the article should attract further reading.

the Next part of the text of the main page — representation of the company. This should be done delicately and gently. Boasting and excessive promises may cause the visitor to a negative reaction. In the text should be the minimum number of stereotyped phrases. You should post more specific information and accurate information. The Creator of the article, you should ask the company that the text was too unique. In this case, the rewriting is not appropriate. Individual approach to the work will help to create the original text.

In the text on the main page, it is useful to locate specific information. The exact facts, dates and figures is called the trust of customers and their demand. It is useful to mention the company’s achievements over the years of its existence. You can name the advantages of its activities against the background of competitors ‘ offerings. But it is impossible to mention the names of competing companies, as it is unethical.

Biographical information on the next stage are replaced by modern proposals. You must inform the client of the benefits that can be obtained by contacting the company. This information must be submitted in a simple and understandable form. A rare and complex terms can confuse the client.

The final part of the text consists of recommendations for potential customers. Need to tell what is required of them for cooperation with the company. It can be contact details company or special link. The reader must be called for specific action to become a customer company.

the Text for the main page should be structured for easy reading. It is recommended to use subheadings, sections or lists. You can post links to pages that facilitates the user’s work.