Design - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

The user interface is a narrow concept of a Toolbox. In his power technical elements and fields. These include checkboxes, buttons, selectors, and so on. This set is decorated graphically, and so is the design. He has a specific and clear goal. It is to help organized the user to interact with the programs, sites. The design of the user interface has its own rules.

  1. It helps to organize interface elements. It is important that the structure was subject to logic. All items must be in mutual communication.
  2. the Program promotes the grouping of UI elements. In other words, all the elements are collected into logical groups. This can be any form or menu.
  3. Alignment of the component interface. This contributes to greater comfort in the work.
  4. Development of a unified style. Styling is crucial for many users. Thanks to this, deposited in the memory and is associated.
  5. Definition of free space. This feature contributes to the distinction between information blocks. Necessary elements receive focus.

It is very important in the development of the interface to take into account all these rules. This improves the competitive ability of the resource. The efficiency increases.

Design the UI allows the user to interact with the Internet device. The system consists of a pair of components – hardware and software. It is the physical and logical components. The duties of the UI is responsible for the implementation of these types of interaction:

  • input, which allows the system to operate;
  • the output shows the effect of the manipulations made by the user.

The user interface of many varieties. These include graphics, administrative, web interface, and touch screens. All they are focused on creating a comfortable user interaction with the device. To create it spent a lot of time to study the user experience. Data are collected on the basis of human behavior. On the basis of them, formed a specific result. To provide quality work helps a number of different tools and programs. All this affects the creation of beautiful, high-quality and user-friendly interface.