Letterhead - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

an essential attribute of any company is its letterhead. It’s a carrier of information in paper or electronic form. It contains details, logo and other symbols. The logo uses every self-respecting company. It is a sign of solidity and emphasizes respect for the business partner.

Such forms are very widely used in the company. They are used in the correspondence, in the course of the contract. Also in the documentation of internal nature. So it is important that this form meets all the necessary requirements. Indeed, in its way, he is the face of the organization, record and witness of the image. The best option would be to create stationery qualified professionals.

letterhead can be attributed to the visual image, telling about the style organization. Impeccable business reputation needs to design quality business documents.

Developed form, as a rule, together with the corporate style of the company. He should be in harmony with the other colors, and fonts. That is not to stand out with the General decoration.

Required attributes letterhead:


- details (contact details, company address and Bank details);

- registration number of the document;


Create such forms on standard offset paper white. The paper size is almost always the A4 and the density of 80-100 gr/sq.m. This paper is very convenient for reading. Usually selected white or pastel color. But today also there are other color options.

Design is something that requires special attention when designing the form. And the first step is to find the right font.

There are many different options. They are able to emphasize the unique style of the organization.

a Reputable company or a creative Agency will find suitable for yourself. In General, the font is better to choose a clear and understandable. When reading it should be memorable for the customer. Using designer paper, a variety of patterns and colors will make the form more than the original.

well-designed letterhead will give solidity printed documentation. And distinguish it among the rest of the business documentation and correspondence from other companies. It is an integral part of the image of any company.