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Web design is a kind of design and industry of web development. Its main task is the creation of the project web user interfaces for web pages. Simply put, it is the process of creating the site and its spread.

Engaged in this type of design web designer. He should design the structure of the Internet pages are the most logical and understandable. So that the flow of information was most convenient for users. This specialist has to work with color, space, font and form. The external design is also included in the scope of his duties. Therefore, the web designer, it is imperative to have artistic taste.

the Process of web design captures the broad scope and encompasses the following aspects:

technology applications (include HTML, CSS, and other various site elements);

- visual design (layout screen space using graphic elements);

the content of the web page (organization and form);

- delivery network (depends on hardware software, which is used during development).

the Harmonious interaction of all the elements is determined by the principles of web design. They help you to find more right decision when creating Internet pages. These include:

- subordination (highlighting the major objects and hierarchy of significance);

balance (balance in the placement of objects on the page);

- aspect ratio (the correct ratio of all elements);

- unity (all objects must be subject to a single structure and concepts);

- contrast (harmonious interaction of size, texture and color that is opposite elements).

this is the actual process of web design includes some stages:

1. The technical problem. Understanding the purpose of the website, features, and volume is the definition of its structure. Also selected characteristics of the visual representation. This work is supervised by the project Manager.

2. Structuring internal information. Lookahead optimal representation forms and supply elements. Defining the structure of the web page. On the task work Manager and designer.

3. The artwork. Due to the graphic elements is a visual decoration, which deals with the web designer.

4. Typesetting. This procedure aims to change the picture in the code. It allows you to view directly by the browser. Working on it programmer and coder.

5. The web-mastering. Stage distribution and delivery of Internet site.