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Each site should be address. Inherently the domain and is this address, the name of the web page. This name is unique for each site. Domain names are located in a special registrars. There site owners can rent, but not buy. Depending on the area, the lease term can vary. The minimum period for a year. But this period may be extended, if necessary.

Choosing a domain, you need to focus on easy and memorable name. It should display the services of the company, its activity.

Hosting rented from a hosting company. He represents a certain amount of information. On it are placed the files in the web page. Hosting is of two types:

  • virtual;
  • real.

In the first case the hard drive hosting company is reserved for you. Under the reserve falls and part of the capacity of the system. The second option involves placing on the real drive multiple sites simultaneously. Sometimes the number of sites is large enough. Real hosting will be an excellent option for sites with a large attendance. Virtual – more budget option for a small number of daily visitors.

Any website needs to rent hosting. These channels are speed work in the world wide web and is always established. With their help, the domain name can be bound to the real disk. It can be saved in the files of the web page. When the user clicks on the domain, hosting gives him the site files.

Site owners can request not only disk space. Separately web hosting company will offer a number of helper functions. All that is needed for the site, can be obtained. For example, support scripts or database when the site supports the content management system. Mail if you want to create a mail server based on the domain name of the website. The cost depends on the list of provided services. Or the number of web pages one owner on the account.

The acquisition of domain – more expensive. When before it was popular website, the price will be higher. After purchasing the domain, you need to confirm their rights to him. For that you should take the survey as administrator. Copies of the required documents the physical and legal persons to be forwarded to the Registrar. When everything is ready, you can begin creating a site.