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the phenomenon of hosting multiple sites on a single hosting is very popular. It has many advantages. The most important is convenience. It does not need to create multiple accounts for web pages to come up with passwords and logins. If necessary, it is very convenient to track the payment.

First of all, you need to choose a hosting service that would allow to do it. It must also be of high quality and reliable. Prefer need a proven companies. It is desirable that there is SEO hosting and domain registration in different zones.

to host several sites there are two ways:

1. Add an independent website. Here you will need to take a few steps.

1.1. First, go to the toolbar, which fixed the login and password from your personal Cabinet.

1.2. On the left there is a section “Virtual hosting”. You need to find and click on the name link of the technical domain.

1.3. Then directly added to the website. This occurs by selecting the section “Add a site” under “Website”. Then you will see the “Domain”field, where you should specify the domain name of the website that is to be added.

1.4. In the “Comments” field you can enter any information, or not to enter.

1.5. The email address where you will be sent information regarding customers, is indicated in the field “E-mail user.

1.6. There is also a possibility to choose one of the suggested address. Or it would be the same as the primary, or it will be a separate full-fledged mail.

1.7. Then you should press “Create”. The necessary details will be sent via email.

the use of this method on the hosting creates the subdomain. It is intended for maintenance domain name.

2. Add a new domain alias to an existing one. This method also includes certain steps.

2.1. Need to go to the panel, which enshrines the login and password from your personal Cabinet.

2.2. In the section “Virtual hosting” should link with the name of the domain for which will be added to the alias.

2.3. To the right there is a section “Site”, where you select the subkey “Aliases”.

2.4. The domain name that you want to add, is recorded in the “Domain”field.

2.5. Want the new page to display the desired information, a directory is created. It will contain all the necessary information. Later in the .htaccess file are added to certain directives.

When this method is used for all existing Internet pages have a single mail.