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Choosing a domain name for the future of the web page, you must decide on a hosting. Selection criteria are reliability, price, bandwidth and functionality. A large number of companies willing to provide such service for money or for free. These two types of hosting have both pros and cons. Therefore, taken into account the purpose of the website and its functionality.

it is Important to know that in the end you should get:

- the site should work without any interruption;

- effective support;

the ping time is minimal;

- proven and reliable hosting company, that site has not been curiosities;

minimal expenses.

Companies can offer hosting with support for Perl, PHP, CGI, .htaccess or MySQL. Various possibilities are presented for any type of website.

depending on the characteristics of the hosting service share on:

1. Quality indicators. This includes RAM, available resources, and bandwidth.

2. Quantitative indicators. This is a monthly traffic, size of disk space, the number of databases and other

In the selection process, do not be lazy, and you want to see a variety of options. Be sure to learn about possible restrictions on traffic and the size of the site. Also collect information about the capabilities of the server load. What are the built-in languages and programs.

There are three main parameters that affect the choice of hosting:

1. Traffic. Includes data that pass through the server for a specific period of time. Sometimes outgoing and incoming. First transmits certain information from the server host. The second receives it. The best option would be unlimited traffic. If it is limited, it is necessary to study in detail its parameters.

2. The disk space. In simple words, this is the place for customers on the hard disk of the host. Small space suitable for websites, business cards or other small projects. For larger variants need more quantity.

3. The data rate. Affects how quickly visitors will be able to download the web page. Slow loading is possible from a large amount of the page itself. Also from the low speed data exchange.

choosing a particular option, you need to examine the payment procedure. It is preferable to cancel the purchase hosting for a long period. There is a possibility of bankruptcy or the disappearance of companies that provide this service.