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VDS is also a hosting service places for the web page. These are specially virtual dedicated server. Operation is subject to the following scheme: on one server provider creates a virtualization system. And from that server capacity is allocated for multiple VPS on the same server. Each client VDS console has its own independent and separate server. Access is completely free. The advantage of this type of hosting is the possibility of 100% use of its resources. As it has its own dedicated resources. When no one else will have access to them. Also it is a distinguishing characteristic of this host.

to prefer VPS hosting should in such cases:

1. Web page consumes more resources than originally planned hosting company. In this case, the company can offer the use of this hosting. In turn, this will improve the functionality and other servers.

2. Access to the site must be constant and effective.

3. Create multiple web pages and manage them.

the Main advantages of hosting VDS are:

- optional any software (running django, ROR, tomcat, and Oracle);

- independent software, which is designed for specific requirements (the ability to control any upgrade);

independence (strictly controlled CPU time and the transmission network interface between the virtual machines).

a Certain lack of, in some way, will be the price for such a service. It is more higher compared to conventional hosting. As for convenience, you should pay. However, a significant and popular consumers VDS are the Internet — shops and portals. For them, the content of such services is almost unnoticeable financial feature. Therefore, they can easily allow the connection of such services.

the User that buy VPS hosting, you can configure the server as he likes. This allows you to create pretty serious projects in the network. This kind of hosting is ideal for multi-functional resource that requires a lot of disk space. And install a variety of additional applications and continuous operation. Choosing the company that provides this service, you need to familiarize yourself with its operating system. That is, it should be appropriate for a future client.