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Mass mail to a large number of email addresses is called email newsletter. When this is not required each time to print a letter and press the “send”button. This is a dynamic pattern in which the message is trying to enter only once. Then it scatters all recipients. This is a very handy and demand a means for alerting information.

But you should separate the concept of e-mailing and spam. The last status is unwanted incoming letter. Mass mailing brings mutual income and keeps subscribers. Spam receives income only author, so it is designated as “junk”.

e-mail newsletter has a number of advantages: minimal investment of time and convenience. As a tool of online marketing, this newsletter has a number of advantages.
– Targeted transfer information to users via e-mail.
– The emergence of a larger number of visitors in the field of activity of the author of the distribution.
– Meeting the needs of subscribers. They receive information alerts in a timely manner.
Mass online newsletter is ethical and competent. It attracts customers, and thus increase income.
– Does not require large expenditures and knowledge.
Every time drawn attention to a product or service. Thus formed, is maintained and updated client database.

Sent letters can be read in three days. This ensures the success of e-alerts.

Have e-mailing and negative sides. The first is “packet flow”. Interested customers will be a lot only after the distribution. In this regard, there is a need regular email newsletter. Second, one needs to already established base of email addresses. Only after that you can send messages in bulk. Also there is a possibility to become suspended. Email newsletter is a kind of risk, but the risk is necessary.

Bulk mailing can be arranged by yourself, so it will be cheaper. But in order not to get caught in the spam database, you must prepare. To discuss the terms of a distribution with the administration of the hosting or Internet service provider. To comply with the time interval of sending messages. Fill each letter unique text. You should be aware of the ethics of the Internet, to comply with censorship and tact.