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To Internet marketing produced results, you need your email newsletter. Its implementation is possible on the basis of e-mail addresses. It is important that the email database was tested and high-quality. In the first place in Internet marketing is the recipient list. Its quality depends on the success of mass distribution and further income.

There are programs that are focused on finding email addresses on the network. They are based on user-defined parameters, extracting email address. With their help, the search becomes a particular target form.

this orientation Program called mail grabber. Each of them has a certain number of features. But the aim is the same – to find email addresses.

is governed by settings, so you can collect email database has become easier. With their help collecting base is entirely automated. You do not need to manually sort the names and addresses. Due to this, the contacts extraction is optimized and accelerated.

basically, mail grabber are indicated by the user on the website. But there are programs that search for the claimed keyword. This program organizes the search. Identifies the target sites, which then retrieves the address. As a result, the base of email addresses that meet a narrow specificity.

Programs are guided by the interests of the user, which is very much appreciated. Defines the subject site, are the main key words, and starts the beginning of the search. On running the program, effectively selecting addresses of potential customers.

Very popular mail grabber, able to extract, together with the address, the name. This enables targeted or personalized marketing. This legal e-mailing is different from spam.

each search engine has its own specific settings. Generally they look like this:
– the designation of the priority of web pages to search for further collection of addresses;
– specify constraints on the search;
– customize page content and URL filters;
– work with the command line, which automates certain software operations;
connection of several kinds of search engines;
– save addresses and the desired pages;
– event logging;
– specify additional http parameters (e.g., username or password).