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The concepts of validation and verification are closely related to software validation. They “tell” about the quality of his work, monitor and detect errors. These concepts, one goal, but there are also differences. The restrictions and rules, sources, properties that are checked. When they are violated, this is a bug.


It will check the compliance of all software artifacts relative to the needs of the user. The notion of such artifacts are hidden various models and documents used in the development. It can be:

  • source code;
  • technical requirements;
  • documentation for users;
  • graphic language, and so on.

Validation ensures that the artifacts were necessary for the customers of the software to its users. Documented needs of the users are not locked. It is, rather, a description of the requirements or the next artifact.

To implement the validation always connect interested parties. these include customers, users and even business intelligence. Anyone who refers to the real needs and requirements, in a worthy expression. But this requires appropriate technical knowledge of the participants.


Verification is to check the conformity of the artifacts together. It is designed artifacts in the process of creating software. Previously created or those that are used as source data. Checked the processes of development artifacts are taken into account rules and standards of their creation. It checks:

  • standards;
  • technical specifications;
  • design decisions;
  • source code;
  • user documentation;
  • the operation of the software.

Also take into account the compliance of all these artifacts. Verification verifies compliance with standards valid in a country, organization or industry. She oversees the development of software for sequence of standard operations.

Bugs are contradictions to the software. This discrepancy in the listed documents, standards, development processes. To eliminate them, you need the appropriate decision. You must select one or more documents for correction. This is a separate task to work with the software and check Mailov.

Verification and validation are different concepts.