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PhpBB or PHP Bulletin Board is a web-forum. Has free source code is completely free and very popular. Written in PHP.

the First version of forum engine was created over ten years ago. Today, there are three versions, there is a Russian modification. PhpBB is highly demanded by moderators and users. To the main advantages include:
– template system, not difficult to use;
interface in many languages; from the official site you can download files in fifty languages;
– a huge community of users who will always come to the rescue;
lots of available modifications, which are regularly updated.

How to create your own forum?

Create your own section on the engine, PhpBB is not difficult. The main thing is to follow the step by step actions that the program offers. The first step is to log in to the administration center. Next you want to find the tab “Forums”.

It prompts you to enter the category name, then you can press the button “Create forum”. The next step is very important, you need to choose the type of forum. This must be done in the drop-down list of “Section”. In the newly created section, you must specify access rights. You can then send the application and return to the original page.

To create the section displayed on the main page, the forum creates the new section. Therefore, you should press on the subject of the newly created partition. Then enter the name of the forum and click on “Create”. If necessary, you can describe the forum and again to specify access rights. After that you can send in and out of the Central administration.

How to protect the forum from automatic registration?

Most popular PhpBB forum engine is its disadvantage. Troubles come from automated spam that causes a lot of trouble. The engine is equipped with four types of captcha, but the robots find a loophole to get around it. They find the entry point and try to recognize the picture. The more sophisticated the technology, the less chance that will trigger the protection. Help a unique modification of the layout of the entry point. Changes in the captcha can be done through setting up a PhpBB forum. But this requires knowledge of css and html. Knowing programming you can change the location of the picture, to protect the forum from spam. This “primitive” way of protection, but today it is most effective.