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the Most simplistic forum engine is Vanilla forums. It is a simple tool for creating online conferences. But, despite its primitiveness, Vanilla can increase the functionality.

actually, this engine looks only just for the user. The developers sought to create the most easy and intuitive program. But inside it is filled with innovative technology. Despite the seeming simplicity of the program contains everything you need users:
– differentiated rights;
– there are categories and sub-forums;
– the message is sent without reloading the page;
– to draft messages are saved automatically.

Vanilla offers simple but clean design, which coderit a wide range of functions. The users are offered a range of topics, specially designed by designers. Themes can be found if you visit the addenda section.

compared with the first version, the new generation has a more attractive system. The initial version of Vanilla forums was too primitive. In order to obtain a high-quality forum, it was necessary to work hard. In the new engine specialists left visual simplicity, but increased functionality. Now create a forum template, practically without changing it. The main advantage of Vanilla that it offers everything you need.

forum engine is based on the framework Garden. It is written without duplicating code or its complications. This has significantly increased its functionality. Therefore, it became easier to build plug-ins and various applications. Today, the developers offer about fifty plugins. But even this number is what to choose.

the Authors of forum engine Vanilla forums offers two different customers. One of them is designed for user-beginner – . This website assistance in installing and configuring the system. Another site focused on users who are familiar with the technical aspects. Last website – – offers all the desirable additions. Here you can find useful links and visit the community forum. At the last site services are available for download forum. With simple and intuitive prompts, create forum will not be difficult. Using the settings, you need to install the program and pass the national language. After that, the forum is ready.