Front end programming - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

Programming refers to the process of software development management computer. His goal was to solve a variety of information tasks. This process can be seen in the narrow and broad sense of the word. In the first case, the programming is mapped to coding. When certain algorithms are implemented in the respective language. Broad sense involves the creation of software.

People who are professionally engaged in this work, programmers. They are divided into system software and application software. System programmers directly developing software. And applied all kinds of editors, games, tutorials, and more.

In order to compile the program there is a programming language. This system of special designations algorithms and data structures for writing. All existing languages are divided into classes according to the tasks to be fulfilled. Today’s popular languages include basic, C, Pascal and Fortran. When working with different languages, the programmer is required and a different level of attention to detail. Language that is executed by the processor, this machine language. It is also called machine code.

All programming languages have evolved according to certain reasons:

  • computer programs became larger and more complicated;
  • the ability to solve more complex problems and the emergence of new technologies in languages;
  • large projects required the participation of many programmers.

Paradigm in programming is a generalized idea about the organization’s work program. There are structural, object – oriented and functional programming.

In case of structural, that are used languages Pascal and Fortran. The essence of this view is the step-by-step description of the actions. The program itself tells built-in actions to achieve the desired result. The input data in structured programming completely determine the sequence of commands.

In object – oriented programming applied languages Java and C. It solves more voluminous and complex tasks. Based on the concepts of polymorphism, encapsulation and inheritance. Encapsulation hides all insignificant details of the object. Objects are instances of different classes. Therefore, the treatment they received information depends on its belonging to a certain class.

Functional programming uses languages Haskell and List. This program claims that you want to achieve as a goal. Clear formulation of the problem is important. It consists of built-in functions that can call other functions. All they control the sequence of calls.