Landing page for high conversion - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

the Landing, or landing page, landing page, product page are synonyms. They represent technology design web pages. This considerably simplifies the presentation of information and increases conversion. In other words: the landing page allows the site to learn how to sell.

General settings landing page have a certain structure. With its help it is easier to get a guaranteed result. Under the structure refers to the development of special sections. They are designed to target the product:
bright header;
– the list of benefits;
– the list of benefits;
elements of trust;
– a specific call to action.

the Success page in the a lot depends on effective visual elements. Must be the specifics of the proposals, focusing on one idea. You must highlight the most important details to properly dispose attention-grabbing elements.

the Title should be large, eye-catching and noticeable. It should be visible without scrolling. Well, if it is more than the company logo or the name of the web page.

a Concrete proposal should be informed that the client will receive its action. For example, offer discounts, gift, trial or promotional booklet. Such a proposal should be easy to understand. It is important that it did not contradict the button, calling for action.

the List of benefits of the product will help the client to gain a foothold in the decision to accept the offer. It is therefore important that he immediately appreciated the dignity of goods sold, realized what his problems will be solved with the help of goods or services. In this case keeps the list of advantages of the offered products. Also significant is the role of feedback and the experience of other users.

For a landing page it is important to use visual elements. They must attract attention, but not to take away from the purpose of the purchase.

the Visual elements are the link with the button-link calling to action. For example, this can be the phrase “Buy now discount”. Different efficiency arrows, pictures-pointers and different pictures. Calls to action can be several. But only one should be the most prominent and bright. After each content should also place a call to action. For example, after a detailed description of the goods is to duplicate the desired button.