Landing without failure - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

the bounce Rate of a site affects its high conversion. If the user, by accessing the web page, immediately close it, then something is wrong. The rate of failure depends on the type of website. Landing Page can be from 70% to 90% of failures. But this relative information. The main thing is that index your site was less than the competition. To do this, you should carefully examine the structure of the landing page.

the effectiveness of the website depends on its versatility. If the web page has only one page, it is very few people will be interested. Visual elements and link buttons will lose its functionality. The visitor can’t follow the link because the other pages are no more. Hence a large number of failures. Need to reconfigure the site and filter the traffic. Big performance has a landing with an adapted design for mobile devices.

For users of mobile devices is essential to the speed of the site. Slow loading pages affects the bounce rate very highly. Therefore, the user loses interest in continuing on the website.

important site navigation. It should not be confusing, so it is better to use generally accepted standards. Web design must form a simple and understandable at the level of intuition navigation. Functionality should not be a victim of creativity, not to let the expectations of visitors. On the page you want to place the logo with link on the home page. Should be wide footer links, leading to sections of the site. Navigation must be configured so that the visitor saw, where you should click.

plays a Big role there is a clear call to action. Calling button should be visible immediately. The visitor should notice it in the first seconds stay on the website. Therefore, you should experiment with these buttons-links, if they are ineffective. The call to “buy” or “download”, you can decorate in bright colors, to increase the size and location. The client needs to understand that he needs to do.

On the website should not be too many pop-up ads and text. In the descriptions it is better to use small paragraphs to five sentences. Test information should be supported by visual elements. It can be pictures, headings, or lists. Avoid long sentences and obscure words.