What is adaptive landing? - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

Adaptive landing is a business card of the company in electronic form. She has bright, stylish and original design. Allows quick informative channel to inform about the company.

This program is formulaic and more focused on mobile devices. So this is the selling page, adapted to smartphones and tablets. This modern and popular pattern. It is easy to download and install on your device. It is easy to manage. Characterized accurate and dynamic design. Adaptive landing does not limit the traffic. Allows you to comfortably arrange the sale.

This lending many advantages. It has a classic adaptive design. Thanks to any Internet device properly display the website. Working with him, are unaffected. Therefore, modern engines and innovative technologies can be used without problems.

The template allows you to upload and download videos with an embedded player. Convenient to download documentation, such as price lists of the organization. Built-in gallery with ajax loading. You can not reload the current page to display additional information.

This landing has a full screen slider. Therefore comfortably accommodate a larger extension. Informative text, however, will be small. It is convenient to add the reviews about the company. They will also be displayed as a full screen slider.

In the template provided by the “Up” button. So go to the top faster and easier. This caveat is especially comfortable to work on smartphones. If the page to scroll, you can see the effect pop-up content. The content of the individual InfoBlock customers convenient and easy to edit. To install the solution as simple as possible. For these purposes, is “the wizard”, easy, intuitive operation.

Adaptive landing is not tied to a specific theme. It does not require knowledge of programming. It can be installed independently and completely free. In order to create quality and effective landing page, just download the template. He passed the appropriate tests and reliable. Allows you to attract quality traffic. For a short time, the page can be arranged as desired and to track results.