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If you are planning to create a small online store or a shopping center – use this program. CS-Cart. This software for creating online stores. It is a set of tools for managing online business. To make a virtual supermarket with many departments will be easy. Choose from a variety of delivery and payment. There are many functions of marketing control of the product and its promotion.

the Program is written in PHP is open source. Data storage is using MySQL. The templates work thanks to Smarty. The program is very functional, allowing you to work with any kind of online sales. The release comes in four different versions, which differ in power.

advantages of CS-Cart:
– the program has been translated into eight languages, easy addition of new language versions;
– source code is open;
– intuitive and simple interface;
– the trial version is free and is available for 30 days;
– the database is exported and imported in the CSV file;
– there is a list of different countries, the ability to add currencies;
– time zones easily switch;
– automatic memorization of key words, write categories and products;
– easy editable design web page;
– site structure is divided into blocks for convenience;
– there are many features and proposals for the management of product categories;
– the existence of bonuses and discounts;
functions to work with the products, their image;
– creation of shares and options prices;
convenient ordering directly on the page;
– control of stock and stock;
– given a list of different payment options;
filters to search for specific products.

This CMS for any complexity of the online store has a number of advantages:
1. The easy flow of information from the page for buyers. Very functional program offers a wide range of options and actions.
2. Open source allows you to make the necessary changes to the program.
3. You can create a huge shopping centers where there are several sellers and suppliers. Each individual seller is granted the rights of self-management of their goods.
4. The ability to do several online stores. This tracking can be done with a single control panel.

There are several versions of CS-Cart. This CS-Cart Professional CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and CS-Cart Ultimate.