Jigoshop - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

Is a plugin for Internet-store similar to WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce. Considered one of the best to create a WordPress shopping. All this thanks to its functionality and simplicity.

the installation Process is quite easy and fast. The plugin originally Russified. After you install the plugin in WordPress menu appears: three: managing the store (Jigoshop), management of orders (orders), office products (goods).

first you need to set up shop. In the control panel are presented to study the main points. These are the settings, console, store, coupons, information about the system. All are designed for easy and intuitive control page. In the settings you can change the sales page and purchase the currency for payment. Page online store have their own settings, which is very convenient. For catalog has different characteristics.

There is a tab where regulated taxes. A separate menu for delivery. Available options are “free shipping” and “Fixed rate”. Payment is available in the following variants:
– by Bank transfer;
– cheque payments;
– cod;
using PayPal Standard;
– online payment.

the Process of adding the product to the store is also not complicated. You need to click the Goods -> Add new.

the Advantages of this plugin are:
– to install you will need very little time (up to five minutes);
download virtual goods;
– there is a diverse range of different products;
products are divided into groups;
– there are detailed reports on the work shop;
– the existence of additional functional plugins.

Jigoshop Templates are intended for online shopping of small and medium size. The templates are very functional, have user-friendly for the beginner to the control panel. Suitable not only for PC but also for mobile devices.

the Advantages of these templates:
1. Product categories are automatically generated by the template.
2. Convenient filling new photo.
3. The existence of discount coupons for customers.
4. The ability to move the website to another domain.

additionally, a wide selection of templates will make the website unique. Different colors and design options. Each developer will find the right theme for their consumers. All this will allow you to quickly start a business on the Internet.