OpenCart - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

a System that focuses on the creation of Internet shops, called OpenCart. This is a convenient and reliable engine that allows you to operate Commerce online. The system can be installed in any server. It is a free software and is distributed free of charge.

OpenCart rather large number of participants – more than forty thousand. In this regard, constantly expanding commercial and free offers. Therefore, the functionality of the online store can be modified in different ways.

General characteristics

OpenCart is a convenient and reliable platform for commercial activity. Has enough functionality to trade on the Internet.

the Engine has a convenient and intuitive interface. In order to install it on your hosting, you will need only a few mouse clicks. But this is not the only platform to create a project template development. In working with her no programming skills are required. To fill the online store, just install the engine and the template.

When working with OpenCart investment will be minimal. Any customer goals will be implemented through a custom framework. Sorted system files greatly facilitate the process of creating an online store. OpenCart is built on the features of MVC, so multi-shop supported.

the Main advantages of OpenCart

1. It has high speed. While the resource requirements are not significant.
2. Software is compatible with major browsers.
3. Is multilingualism.
4. The number of items and sections is not limited.
5. Supports various modules, add-ons and templates.
6. Easy backup and restore.
7. Statistics of customers and goods. Supported physical and downloadable goods. Multiple currencies. You can calculate the taxes.
8. Buyers can register. They are given the opportunity to review your purchase history.
9. Each client has their order status. They are all stored in the database. Their search is fast and effective.
10. Users are granted permanent shopping cart, are temporary.
11. Site navigation easy and intuitive. Clients can have multiple addresses. Can store them in your address book.