osCommerce - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

osCommerce is an engine for creating electronic shop free of charge. It is free to download and use via the Internet. It is free software. Can be installed on any server.

This control system distributed under the GNU license. She has a nice set of tools and functionality. The user will not need any expenses, the possibilities are not limited.

the Main feature

Software osCommerce is by far one of the best. In creating e-Commerce engine occupies a leading place. Based online stores differ enviable quality. They are stable and productive at work. Any server that supports PHP and MySQL, may be appropriate for osCommerce.

the Engine can easily adapt to various user requirements. This is one of its main features. For quality control electronic shop no programming skills required.

the Only drawback osCommerce – no template system to customize the design. It is replaced by modules that successfully cope with this task. But many clones of this engine already have the system of the engines.

what are the advantages?

management System Commerce osCommerce has a number of advantages.
1. Good compatibility.
2. Multilingualism. Supports multiple currencies.
3. The number of products and unlimited sections.
4. Also not limited to the sections of the categories and number of products.
5. Statistics of customers and goods. There is support for loading and physical goods.
6. Data recovery and backup is quick and easy.
7. A good system of delivery and payment. Support for various types of payments. Support many types of payment systems.
8. A large number of modules calculate shipping.
9. Reliable client part. Users can register, leave requests, save a few of their addresses. Presents easy navigation system.

to implement individual ideas, the software provides a wide field of activity. It is sufficient to use an appropriate template. The main functions implemented in it, and built for easy use.