VirtueMart - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

Free software to create and manage online stores. Works on Joomla admin panel. Allows you to create web pages, with minimal costs. The program is written in PHP and runs on a MySQL database. It combines the quality of work of the online store and the availability of the installation.

To opportunities VirtueMart include:
– support encryption Secure Sockets Layer;
– self enter the shipping address of the customer;
– customers manage their accounts;
– you can view the buyer of your past orders;
– the choice of exchange;
– the order is not only the buyer but also to the owner;
the number of categories and products is unlimited;
– powerful interface;
– convenient search categories and products;
– the possibility of advertising their products.

Built-in control panel of the program has a number of distinct features:
– add various characteristics of the product;
for one product, you can add multiple images;
– distribution of customer groups;
– classification of products available for a particular type;
simultaneously installing multiple prices for the same product.

This panel includes a menu:
products and catalog (sorted according to selected parameters, an unlimited number of categories);
– marketing tools (the formation of prices and the existence of coupons);
– tax rates (set of classes for taxes, the distinction between the rules for different countries);
administration (choice of shipping method and payment groups of buyers, sales reports).

Modules export and import in the standard Assembly not included, and there are other third-party developments. This export and import of goods, export and import commodity residues at the warehouse. The standard form of payment: upon delivery of a credit card PayPal. You can also install other additional payment modules.

delivery of goods is carried out in the following ways:
Canada Post;
– auspost;
– FedEXdc;
– InterShipper;
depending on the region;
– pickup
and other

the Program allows the display of the description and coordinates of the manufacturer.

VirtueMart has a wide variety of functions and its structure is quite complex. It would seem unsophisticated Creator who is not familiar with its components. For users who want to create their own online store, you just need to download the program. It is easy to learn and manage. It is not easy even for the beginner.