WooCommerce - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

WooCommerce belongs to the category of plug-ins. However, he still performs the functions of a full-fledged library. The system is designed to integrate with the already existing blog or website. Such a web resource should be based on the WordPress engine.

WooCommerce designed for the development and creation of light, free online stores, which provide full online trading. They are based on long-existing or new websites.

this management system Commerce is wide enough functionality.
1. The control panel is based on WordPress. Thus, it is possible to move and to set the items with one click. The administrator interface is processed.
2. The program has improved the reporting system. It is supported by a built-in tracking Google Analytics.
3. Has built-in capabilities to create catalogs and sell similar goods.
4. The system of discounts and coupons. The opportunity to support date and expiration date of the coupon.
5. There are email templates, a built-in type. They are designed for newsletters and alerts.
6. Management products rather simplified. Convenient product categories, it is possible to sort items.

Download and install WooCommerce is available for free. This can be done on the official site via a special link. When the program is installed, it can start to work.

the First thing to do – set the appropriate template. It should also be downloaded, it can also have a free form. After the theme is installed, you must activate it. Only then you can start to work with the basic settings of the plugin. In this step, you define all the settings, added goods for sale. For successful work with the settings is to be familiar with the training video.

Before you begin to create an online store, you must follow the sequence. Management system Commerce works on the basis of the existing site. So you first need to create a website using WordPress.

you can Also use long-activated web resource. Then install WooCommerce.

Next is the choice of the topic. Only then can you begin to design the future Internet store. Its appearance and fullness depends on the imagination of the Creator.