Zen Cart - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

Zen Cart is a content management system for the online store. It was created with open source and has the status of free. It is essential for users who are looking for a relatively simple version of a site. Today, the program is released in several versions. Used with PHP and MySQL database.

There are different templates for easy use and attract customers. Also suitable for use in a mobile device. About 75, the most basic of which are:
-Arch Shoppe;
Apple Zen Template;
– ArkiTEC-HD Black;
– BlackAdmin Theme;
– Bare Bones;
– Blue Highlites Template;
– Blue Sky;
Cherry Zen Template;
– Clean Business Template;
– Classic XHTML;
– Darkness Template;
and other

in order to install the template, you must download and send it to the programs folder. In control panel you need to select the menu item ” Tools” , then “Template Selection”. In the proposed list will be the desired template.

the Versatility of this program opens up opportunities to manage the online shop. Have the ability to customize gift certificates and coupon system for clients. Such a flexible system of settings allows you to calculate the shipping cost and tax rate. Also create discounts and sales on the website. Given the number of orders, you can automatically do discounts. To ZenCart is the formation of groups of clients. The ability to activate the automatic system of mailings and advertising a product. The program allows you to use multiple currencies and popular payment system. Supported newsletter website e-mail. The developer can create his own desire an unlimited number of pages.

the Program ZenCart due to its functionality and open-source is very popular. It allows you to create your own online store and a good interface. The cost is only possible for a domain name, hosting and promotion. A distinctive feature of this program is the availability of the installation. convenient administration and availability of all necessary settings.

ZenCart – one of the main competitors among the programs to create online store. The software market is full pay systems. But their management capabilities ZenCart is ahead of many of them.