Portal and framework - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

The Internet portal called the site that provide online services that are running on the same web site. For example, mail, forums, news and discussion. The purpose of a portal is the creation of a large mass servers to attract more users. This site provides a variety of services. With it, the visitor is directed to any other sites on the Internet.

So the site could be called “portal”, requires certain conditions:

  • popularity among visitors;
  • the uniqueness of the content information (photos, articles, videos, links to websites);
  • private services (forums, news, forum).

A distinctive feature of the portal from the other site are links. Their number should be as large as possible.

Classified data sites on the vertical and horizontal portals. First have a certain field is up, they are more “narrow”. Are of interest to certain destinations for Internet users. These include technological, financial and entertainment resources. Around such sites, mainly formed of a permanent community of people.

Horizontal are focused on a wider mass audience. The content is diverse and with the same set of services.

The framework is a set of tools and libraries for rendering tasks in certain modules. These modules can be reused many times. The main purpose of the program is the focus of the programmer on the unique objectives of the project.

To use the framework can and designers. This will be an advantage for those who work on multiple projects.

There are some types of framework: frontend and backend. First, as a rule, consist of a set of structured files. Also there is a catalog of standardized code (CSS, HTML documents).

When choosing a framework must be considered:

  • offer options;
  • speed installation;
  • integration with other systems;
  • availability in understanding.

Frameworks apply a design pattern MVC. This unique structure components or code that solves a particular problem. Typically, it occurs in the working solution. This pattern divides the application into three parts.

Advantages of using the framework include:

  • neat and clean code;
  • expedited process layout;
  • browser compatibility;
  • solution CSS issues.