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CakePHP is a free framework with open source. It is written in PHP and designed to develop web applications. Its features and benefits include:

  • fully compatible with php4 and php5;
  • the presence of the Manager of the URL with the possibility of using regular expressions;
  • there are components that allow you to restrict access (ACL) to manage sessions and cookies, to present the tree information (Nested Sets);
  • all the code is generated according to the database schema;
  • architecture MVC;
  • built-in system quickly available templates;
  • there are helpers to generate the forms and fill them, or division into pages;
  • the site may work in multiple languages;
  • convenience in the structure of the ACL;
  • data is processed automatically;
  • generate CRUD pages and scaffolding;
  • plug-ins used in the form of separately extensible applications;
  • there are components;
  • supports Simple Test;
  • themes and layouts (Themes, layouts);
  • inclusion threshold is quite low due to the quick development;
  • ability to work from any directory of a web page without changing the Apache configuration.

CakePHP has a MIT license. It allows the user to distribute, modify and publish the source code. However, the original copyright must be saved. Also, this program is included in other commercial product. But for this he must have closed the source code.

Download fresh and available a copy of CakePHP in two ways:

  1. archive Download (tar.gz, zip, tar.bz2) directly from the site. Please visit the official website and click the appropriate link.
  2. Extract the code from the git repository. Many plugins and the current releases are stored on Github. Also, the new version can be obtained by cloning the repository.

For a variety of operations CakePHP uses the app/tmp directory. Therefore, this directory with all subdirectories should be available to the user.

Install the software without any difficulties. Popular installation methods are:

  1. Install to development has become the most simple of ways. To configure Cake URLs app store installation folder of the program. This method is not the safest.
  2. Add Production more flexible and more secure. By selecting this method, the domain will work as one unit CakePHP application. Also need the ability to configure the document root of the web server.
  3. Setup advanced offers more opportunities in the work. The CakePHP folder placed in another location of the server files. The CakePHP core can be used in various other applications.