Codeigniter - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

Codeigniter is quite popular framework, which is responsible for creating web applications. It’s an open source code, supports MVC. Written in the programming language PHP.

based On Codeigniter was created many other frameworks. Among them Kohana created for use PHP5. He is the branch Codeigniter, while maintaining its ease of use and high performance.

Simplicity and ease of operation are key features of this software. Also Codeigniter has a high-quality and complete documentation, with the content of the examples. It boasts a large community and there are many video lessons. You can find them on the official site and on third-party resources.

The Codeigniter framework Convention does not create and structural constraints. Therefore, the programmer freedom to work with him. Also there is no need for code generators from the command line.

For working with Codeigniter for any hosting plan. But it must have the support of the latest versions of PHP development.

the Software is quick work. Codeigniter does not require significant resources. It is characterized by small distribution. Gives you the opportunity to reject models. But many experts believe it is not a very good practice.

Documentation of the framework is based on the “thick” controllers and “thin” models. The formation of the business logic and validation of a greater measure of pass in the controller. But this is not the trims freedom of the developer. It appears the choice of approach to the development of the web application.

Codeigniter Framework can use a third-party and in-house library. Due to this, the system easier expands. There is a possibility to use the new additions and overrides existing. The standard library is quite varied. They form a good functionality to work with files. Allow you to send e-mails to support session, to work with images, etc. Add-ons give you the opportunity to support modularity. Template engines are not used Codeigniter by default. But you can also use its own engines or one of the alternative.

the Newcomers to work with the framework Codeigniter is easy and intuitive. Many professional developers he is also in demand.