Kohana - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

the Kohana Framework has open source and uses the MVC architecture. Model-View-Controller or MVC certain parts of the application into separate parts. He interacts with the user affects the user interface. The bottom line is that if you change one component, other minimally altered.

Custom software Kohana quite easy to use. It’s fast, well documented and scaled, easy to learn. To install and work with this framework is convenient.

to install Kohana need to consider a few preliminary steps.

1. First we need to download the framework. You can do this on the official site.

2. Next you need to configure a bunch of special programmes of the framework.

3. Then create a virtual host. If the project is created in the root of your website, hosting is not required.

4. The last preparatory stage — the training database. Together with the database require the user to it.

installing the framework — simply copying the files from the downloaded package to the server. When up in the browser is finished, you can type the address of your website. This is in order to start testing the operability of Kohana.

While you may discover some errors. In this case, you may need to open access to certain directories. After testing the program highlights errors in red. When there are no errors, you receive the relevant text highlighted in green.

You have finished installing, after successful testing, removing the folder install.php. After this framework is fully prepared to work.

Software Kohana has a number of positive features. Among them:

- high level of security;

- built-in profiling tools and debugging;

code is well commented;

- very easy to extend;

- subject to distribution under the license.

Kohana is protection of visibility, automatic loading of classes, abstract classes. The quality framework interfaces, it is convenient to restart methods and properties. In addition, Kohana is controlled not by the company, and the community. Adjustment is carried out through discussions, ideas and code community. The developers of the framework scattered around the world. Therefore, the development cycle significantly accelerates and becomes more flexible.