Ruby on rails - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

Ruby on rails is a full – fledged multi-level framework. He is focused on building web applications that use databases. The framework is based on the MVC or Model-View-Controller. In the translation Model – – a Controller.
The Ruby language, on which is written the framework is dynamic and reflection. It is layered that objectively-oriented programming was fast and convenient. Its not easy. It is not for beginners and experienced programmers.
The software Ruby on rails many positive features. One of them – the speed of development. Project development is accelerated by 30-40%relative to other programming languages or frameworks. The growth rate is affected by native instruments Ruby on rails. Also helps a lot of ready-made solutions that are hosted in the community. But the main secret of the Ruby language and its ease of programming.
Good job Ruby on rails is directly related to the culture and sociality. In the community you can always find a solution to any problem. Implementation of your module or your own solution is always placed in the community. Here you can find the secrets of authentication and authorization. Payment systems and mailing lists. There are always comments and advice.
This software is a lot of good development tools. The composition of the Ruby on rails includes the best tools for automated testing. Validation code will not be written until it is not written tests. To do this, connect a variety of innovative methods – BDD and TDD.
In the basic configuration of the framework are standard tools in order to cache data. To implement caching database on the project are provided with the appropriate tools. Code blocks and even entire pages can be cached. To implement this action will only finish standard action.
To work with the database is the standard tool – “migration”. Every change to the database structure will be documented.
With this framework validation of incoming information is implemented by the relevant instruments. Standard tools will help to verify all information provided by users.
Ruby on rails differs in complete safety, all the settings screen adaptations by default.