Symphony 2 - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

the Symphony Framework 2 there is not a long time. But already has a lot of documentation and special manuals. His community contributes to the support, development and promotion of the framework.

To work with Symphony 2 need programming skills. Requires knowledge of the PHP language, MVC pattern and the English language.

using this framework, you can quickly develop and administer a web application. Distributed Symphony 2 free and is supported by many databases.

to work with Symphony framework 2, you need to download it. On the official site of the proposed standard Assembly required for initial operation. The downloading may be performed in any suitable compression format. Also download distribution with vendors. They can be connected to the project. You can update them at any time.

the Downloaded file is transferred to the web server hosting all sites. After this you need to extract it. If the original framework was downloaded without vendors, now it’s time to install. To do this in the folder with the project you have to add the appropriate program. It is necessary to load any library in a special folder. It has everything you need to develop a library project can be downloaded separately.

This feature is very convenient. Later they can be at any time to update. Subsequent cloning of the project requires a new establishment of vendors. Due to this, the safety and integrity of the project will be guaranteed.

After the installation finished Symphony 2, the project must be configured.

the Establishment of the framework can be done using Git. This is the name of a distributed system managing file versions. The developers of the framework symfony 2 recommend it when you install it. Git is very easy to work with and many suitable. It has a console and graphical user interface. Without version control system it is impossible to do when developing a full-fledged project. To run the test project without system Git.

When the framework is installed, you can use the tester server configuration. With its help is available check the web server and PHP. You need to ensure that they are correctly adjusted to use symfony 2.

the Check is made via a special address in the browser, which will provide analyses testing.