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Yii is a framework, written in the programming language PHP. The framework is a set of tools or libraries. It helps to quickly develop daily tasks. Using architectural applications. Yii is the MVC paradigm. Using architectural applications framework divides the project into modules. The latter are also called logical segments. The goal of any framework is to provide a convenient environment for creating web project. It should be large and well-extensible functionality.
Yii offers quality work with good speed. Developers always follow technical support system. You can get advice on the forum in English only. But there are also Russian-speaking community, where you can always get help.
The software is distributed free of charge. Has all the modern standards required to create a full-fledged website. Yii has a great set of libraries. Has a user-friendly tool to work with database. Many users consider it to be the most secure and stable.
Software Yii has a built-in generator source code. Using the main parameters of the number of dates code can be reduced to ten. Load it only when necessary. Yii has a high-quality subsystem lazy initialization, so it works faster. He has many notable advantages.
1. The framework has a high performance.
2. To work with the database is intuitive interfaces.
3. The software supports internationalization.
4. Able to cache pages and fragments. There are several cache storages.
5. Yii can catch and handle errors.
6. You can enter and form validation. You can use built-in rules or create your own.
7. Is the basis for authentication and authorization.
8. The framework uses AJAX and supports the REST.
9. Supports skins, so that in the future they are easy to replace. This can be done with a few clicks.
10. Can be connected to third-party libraries.
11. You can migrate databases.
12. Testing is performed automatically.
Software Yii is distributed on the basis of the BSD license. This is a significant advantage for developing commercial web applications.