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Zend is the developer of the PHP language. He also is responsible for creating applications for it. Among them is the server platform, SEO, development environment, compilers.

For PHP programmers developers Zend asked to take special certification program. Her certificate is known as Zend Certified Engineer or abbreviated ZCE.

the Essence of Zend is in a certain environment, Creator of the popular programming language. The creators of the framework create extensions, flowing into the PHP language. Today there are many products that the company produced.

Heart language PHP is Zend Engine. He has open source and is distributed under a special license. Two versions of this framework has significant impact on the development of language. A significant level of improvement is considered to be objective model.

Provides efficient and stable operation of large PHP applications Zend Platform. The Central console is responsible for managing the platform. Here you can monitor the status of the sites. It is convenient to adjust the monitoring and profiling of site performance.

Zend Studio is the development environment. It is related to PHP applications, leading them writing and debugging. It is also possible remote debugging and profiling. This distinctive ability of this program. But in order to perform remote debugging, the server module.

Zend Guard is responsible for protecting the intellectual property of the developer and his interests. Similar targeting Zend SafeGuard Suite. With it you can set the necessary conditions and working time.

Improves the stability and performance of the PHP language in web servers Zend WinEnabler. It works with Windows servers.

the Only free app is Zend Optimizer. This is a server module that runs the encoded scripts. He is also a little faster.

Zend Framework is a free framework for the PHP language. It affects the development of web services and web applications. He has a flexible caching system. It supports different types of file system and memory. The program is based on MVC.

a Full web stack is Zend Server. He has a wide set of tools and modules. The control panel contains original and generic development control server.