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Android is a mobile operating system, used on smartphones and tablets. Can also be embedded in e-books and digital media players. It offers access to various Google services.

Applications that are created under a given operating system, have a non-standard byte code. Uses the Dalvik virtual machine. Specially designed format installation APK packages.

For working with Android applications include libraries:
1. Multimedia, using the PacketVideo OpenCORE. Supported formats are MP3, AAC, MPEG-4, H. 264, JPEG and PNG.
2. Bionic, including standard functions.
3. Surface Manager, which provides access to 2D/3D.
4. SSL. Is responsible for the security of transmitted data.
5. SGL. Contains engine two-dimensional graphics.
6. WebKit. Handles JavaScript and HTML.

In 2008, Google opened an online store where you can purchase apps for Android. He was given the name Android Market. In 2012 merged with this shop and services “Book” and “Music”. The result was the same for all Google Play. In the assortment of a huge number of free and paid applications.

they All offer a variety of creative solutions for your phone. The shop has 34 categories, including a separate one for games. Available are cameras with built-in filters and artistic effects. Also music players with the ability to create your own playlists. There is a possibility to listen to music directly from the Internet. View Android device without problems varies because of the beautiful Wallpaper. Or you can use downloaded images or your own photos. For fans of games developers have many options. Among which the most popular is Draw Something, Angry Birds, Temple Run. A very useful feature of creating menus and shortcuts on the desktop.

It allows you to adjust the elements, making it easy to use smartphone. Often used by applications to appearance is HD Widgets and WidgetLocker. To work with Internet Connectify, Dropbox, Google Chrome, Yandex Maps. For media – Rock Player, Documents to Go, Adobe Photoshop.

Installs the application by downloading from Google Play Store. But some developers provide this service exclusively from their websites. It will require some changes in the settings of the smartphone.