Angular.js - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

Angular.js as the software is a fairly new project, released in 2009. It is a Java Script Framework and is open source. The main goal of the developers call the idea of expanding the applications based on the MVC pattern. Additional tasks include:

  • separation of server and client side for parallel development;
  • DOM manipulation is separated from the application logic;
  • special attention to testing;
  • the organization for a developer the entire process of creating the application.

The company is the parent of Google today has released several versions. The program has acquired a wide circle of admirers and became quite successful.

Works Angular.js HTML code which contains additional attributes for users . They described the directives. The threshold for entry is relatively low compared with similar solutions. The study documentation is on their own.

The main advantages of this program are:

  • unit testing in standard setting;
  • HTML attributes are used to the maximum;
  • there is a Dependency injection;
  • excellent cooperation with the REST.

One of the main features Angular.js steel Directive. With their help, the developer describes the behavior of certain elements. In addition, it can extend the syntax of HTML. Initially, as part of this program includes a basic set of guidelines:

  • ng-bind;
  • ng-app;
  • ng-class;
  • ng-model;
  • ng-repeat;
  • ng-controller;
  • ng-show and ng-hide;
  • ng-view;
  • ng-switch.

However, it is possible to expand due to its own development. Such a generated Directive can also be used in other projects.

Another notable item is a two-way data binding. This allows you to reduce the amount of code and release the server from the interaction with templates. Thus, they are treated as HTML, which stores certain data.

Download Angular.js with ngApp Directive, or manually. The first method is the most popular and frequently used. From the outset it is necessary to specify this Directive in the root element of the desired pages. Then the following actions occur:

  1. Create injector mechanism for loading modules and receive objects.
  2. This mechanism will begin to shape the global scope.
  3. Starts processing the DOM tree, which is created found binding.
  4. Execute detected directives.