CSS3 - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

The new version of cascading style sheets promise a great future. The developers have given her many opportunities. Therefore, the work with different tasks much easier.

Unfortunately, complete разработкаCSS3 not received. Last improved modules, continues their modification. On such opportunities no browser is not calculated. Web developers continue to figure out how to fill the “white spots” browser support.

To use CSS3 complexity similar to HTML5. They were developed by different specialists. Created them at different times and in different places. But today they go hand in hand. The reason lies in an innovative approach to modern web design. Both versions are a new approach to programming.

Capabilities of CSS3 are impressive:

  • you can create elements with rounded corners;
  • create linear and spherical gradients;
  • flexible design background picture elements;
  • add shadow effect to other elements and text;
  • using fonts that are considered unsafe;
  • creating animation and various types of transitions;
  • asking colours using the new methods.

Use CSS3 best considering three strategies:

  1. you will Need to use the new features. They must have a high level of support for all major browsers. Such functionals can be attributed to the operation of web fonts. They are able to enhance on old browsers.
  2. Using CSS3 should be considered as improvement. But all this has to be done carefully. In this case, Pets capabilities that can support different browsers. It is important that the impression from the website did not change when viewed on another browser.
  3. requires adding backup solutions using special libraries. It is not correct to use partial capabilities of CSS3. This is valid only if without them the site also looks great. But the possible loss of an important part of the design. The site itself can look unsightly. The Modernizr library offers an alternative to different settings of styles intended for browsers.

CSS3 has a simple syntax rules, so its capabilities are easier to study. The animation in the browser is smooth and fast. The program “provides” its frame rate higher. The new version does not violate the structure of the document, therefore, improves the optimization of your web pages.