Facebook API - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

Application software is its greater part. All they focus on the web, have tremendous resources and capabilities. They have huge data centers where petabytes of data. To develop samoassotsiiruyutsya application, it took hundreds of thousands of man-hours. But the user sees only modest and neat interface web pages. Web-oriented applications influenced the formation of socialization. There are plenty of services that have become part of modern life. The most popular of them – Twitterи Facebook.

Social networking is so popular that can bring millions of dollars in revenue for their owners. Now it’s a whole infrastructure with a variety of opportunities. Everyone wants to capture part of the lucrative segment of the market. But recharge in social networks anyone do not bring joy. Tough competition faced by the pioneers in this field. Users are experiencing discomfort due to annoying having to register each time. Site owners have to spend money on database maintenance, interaction with users. This was the reason for creating the API.

The program provides tools for social networking in the work sites. For web pages, you will have access to users who work with a familiar interface. That is, the site becomes a part of the social network. The owners of the sites, there is no need for a database. Users do not require re-registration. Instead of competition, the social network got free advertising.

Today network Facebook has a different API. All they are convenient to use when creating their applications. A versatile option, calculated on the nodes of the social graph of the network is the Graph API. He has a beautiful and simple look, but the functionality is insufficient.

Most often used Old REST API. Developers of Facebook are not afraid of the “old” part of the name of the program. Basically it is used to create different applications. Unlike the first version, fully functional. With it’s convenient and pleasant to work with.

Facebook Query language (FQL) is a helper interface to the social graph. It allows you to get information from it using SQL-like queries. It is very convenient, especially when other methods cannot get data.