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In the process of creating the website, each user is faced with the concept of HTML. This abbreviation – short for HyperText Markup Language. Simply put it is a markup language for creating web-page documents. With his help have the necessary items on a particular web page. This language allows to select the text bold or italic, insert tables and pictures. Also be divided into paragraphs, inserting headers. More advanced HTML options provide the ability to use video, audio applications, and animation.

However, it differs significantly from other programming languages. Due to the fact that was created to markup web pages. And only he gives commands to the browser how to display text on a monitor. Documents with HTML extensions have .htm and .html. Data text documents are opened using the browser.

today, the popular the HTML version:
HTML 4 was created in 1997);
– HTML5.

the markup Code in this language consists of “tags”. They give the browser information about specific formatting or page layout. The tag has a name, enclosed in brackets “<“, “>”. The content of the tag is what is between his characters.

basically, these tags are meant for two purposes. First, for processing the content, and secondly for marking and layout. Page content, whether text or other information requires structuring. To do this, create paragraphs, headings and subheadings, insert lists and tables. Also used a different background for the selection of unit specific text. There are bold, italic, or underline.

In the process of working on the page layout, it should be divided into certain parts. Be divided in the following blocks: the basement of the site, the header and side speakers. It also creates functional blocks, such as menus, search, shopping cart. There is an opportunity to put the information blocks. For example, updates, news and promotions.

the HTML page page layout has a choice of such approaches: fixed and rubber. Any of them can make the main. Fixed layout fixes certain sizes of web pages. However, they are not dependent on the size of the browser window, and the rubber will automatically change the page width and height of the content. There is an increase and expansion of images or blocks of text.

To create the dynamics of HTML pages used scripting Language JavaScript. With his help create an animation that changes the appearance of elements and more.